Growing Pains

Have you ever wondered
When was the last time you thought
Your favorite food
Was the spaghetti your mom made?

When was the last time

Your baby tooth came out?

And the last time
A celebration with family
Felt like what it is,
A celebration?

When was the last time
You were excited for your birthday?

When was the last time
That the words
“I won’t be friends with you”
Stirred irrational fear in your heart?

When was the last time
You felt free
Of the burdens and responsibility
The world has bestowed upon you?

It’s ironic
That we were rushing to grow up
Thinking it would be even more fun

And when we do
We lost it all
Ever so slightly
Daily and nightly

The child in us
Goes to sleep
Like a carefree nap

A bliss
You’ve long forgotten.

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