Grateful of a born

Born a virgo at the high moon
Pure hearted mortal with innocent soul
Neither black nor white, was the soul
As the god pleads and orates

Peace i leave with you
My peace, i give to you
Not as the world gives
Do i give to you
Let not your heart be troubled
Neither let them be afraid

The autumn breeze has begun to blow
Shedding leaves of deciduous tree
A brief of time from dusk to dawn
Here comes, Jack Frost of Mischief

Ye, earthlings of the earth
Are nothing, but filthy that kill thee
Your heart was iced
Your soul turned white
Shall he dead because of them
Deceived by the blizzard of vice

Autumn, winter, summer and spring
Shine of hope is what it brings
Open your hands upon the sky
To Him, should you cry

“O god of the heaven
I shall thank thee
For this defeat
Thou bestowed upon us”

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