Good vibes only

Nowadays negativity is my kryptonite
I leave when there are idiots
I can’t spend a minute with bigots
I become nauseous
Temperature rises
My back of the head hurts
and I can barely lift my tiniest finger
I am weak and I may end up dead in days
Bad vibes is consuming my energy
Being moody makes me (literally) sick!

Is stupidity and rudeness part of this world?
Then I hate the world I live in
Are there no more kind and smart people?
Because they make others’ lives easier
Is it more tempting to be stupid and rough?
It seems like positivity is the lamest thing

I can start but I don’t want to be the only one fueling the movement
Please join me
to get rid of the bad vibes and
welcome the good ones
Let’s be healthy and happy again
just like the good old days!

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