Going The Other Path

When I was sixteen , I asked myself the same question again and again ;
” What do you want to be when you grow up? ”
A question that was asked when I was seven ,
And I could recall myself easily answering ;
” Doctor or teacher or maybe an astronaut? ”

That question never haunted me so much till I was sixteen,
And I realised the answer was never any of the oocupations I mentioned when I was little..

I want to spend my life by doing what I love ,
But I often find myself going the opposite than what others do,
I love writing stories and fiction,
But in a world where math geniuses and science students are much more appreciated,
Will a degree in arts pay enough?

I was at a crossroad, not knowing which path should I take,
Being given only a chance to live ,
And having it spent not doing what you are passionate about is a waste , isn’t it ?

So I decide to take the least preferred choice,
Although being repeatedly asked ,
” you are from the science stream , why do you take the courses from the art stream? ”

I don’t know about you ,
But rather conforming to the norms of the society,
I’d rather do what I know best,
And ignore all of the sarcastic remarks

Because this is what that makes me who I am,
And for me, this is how living should be like.

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