God Bless

I was born begging for God’s mercy,

fear and love for all that is Holy,

each day began praising Thee,

and each day ends praying for He.


As I mature, fear grew into hatred,

as men in tunics demand me to be wed,

a child barely grown,

yet groped and drowned by guilt.


Women in burqas with whips and rattan,

screaming “Sin!” to my hair, my voice, my hands,

as my veil falls and touched the land,

elbows covered like wings opened span.


Twenty years, determined to escape,

one step away and fully awake,

it’s time to leave my childhood behind,

if I wish to die feeling human.


So God, God forgive me!

it is not You I despise,

my days remain nothing without Your sunrise.

But if,

if there is more to faith than this,

cowering under unknown sins,

take my breath away as I run from this Hell,

and into your hidden gates of Heaven.

almost there.
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