Glass Slippers (Glass Heart)

Everyone knows Cinderella, an ordinary girl,
with a heart too pure for this world.
Do you remember, Fairy Godmother cast a spell
on her stepfamily?
For the sake of her being
unrecognisable at the ball,
for who she really is.

All she wanted was to be
a princess for the night.
Everybody including the prince,
was mesmerised by her grace and beauty.

But of course, it was all…
spells. magic. fantasies.

With you, it’s as if
the same spell was cast on you.
To see me as this wonderful person
you’re madly in love with,
instead of recognising the real me.
the one with the flaws
and insecurities.
I make mistakes too,
I don’t live to please.

The second things went wrong and
nothing could be saved, the trance broke.
You no longer see me as
the love of your life.
You no longer treat me as
your beautiful lady.
You no longer feel the same way
as you always do.
You started treating me as..

You see, I’m just a girl,
whose feelings never phased.
One who is still loving you

with all that she’s got.
She was always there,
through sunshine and rainy days,
but I guess you don’t want me
and so you forgot.

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