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Dear Melur of 2020,


Writing this to you is for you to know how the world has become a greater good. First of all, I would like to say how grateful I am for you to survive the pandemic. I know being a kid must have stressed you out for not being able to go to school nor to do anything to serve the country. Even so, you did a really good job by following the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) whenever you went out. The front-liners back then worked very hard to lower the cases and look at us now living happily. Thanks to those hardworking people. For your information, people don’t wear masks anymore but every shop still provides hand sanitizers at the front. The Ministry of Health gave orders to all sellers to provide hand sanitizers just to reassure our health conditions. It’s a traumatic experience for us back then, right? I hope it won’t happen again because it was very exhausting to wear masks, sanitize our hands, get our temperature checked, and write down names and information.


I am now working as a creative technology director for a company called ‘The Classic Melur’ which is a fashion company but we work actively in charities too. As a creative technology director, my company is launching a campaign to commemorate the tragic pandemic that happened a decade ago. The objective of the campaign is to remember the hard work of the front-liners who never gave up on trying to make the world a better place and to convey condolences to those who lost their loved ones due to Covid-19.We installed a holographic version of front-liners at every station in Kuala Lumpur as a reminder of the legends’ diligent work back then. At Dataran Kuala Lumpur and Tugu Negara, we installed a high technology cinema using the Microtech method. You just have to stand at the right place that we have marked and wait for a couple of minutes. Your surroundings will transform into a hospital where you can witness how the doctors were working very hard to cure the patients, the soldiers were full of sweats trying to manage the traffic and the Ministry of Health debated in endless meetings to find ways to save the world.


The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment, and Climate Change collaborated on inventing an army of human robots called ‘i-Health’ where they can supervise your health as a precautionary step. Nowadays, every house must have i-Health as it is compulsory for everyone. Exotic animals are also banned from being eaten and they can only live in their natural habitats or zoos. It goes the same with illegal hunting. Hunters must have a license or any forms of authorization from the authorities. Usually, they hunt for science studies so it would not be a big problem actually.


Do you know Malaysia is now the most influential country in the world because we fought Covid-19 completely and with the help of a few other countries, we have eventually found the vaccine! Malaysia’s economy has grown dramatically ever since the vaccine was found. People around the world look up to us as we always unite whenever crises arise. In the past, we rarely praised our country, right? I mean, I’m just being honest. Now, I’m proud to be a Malaysian as our country is more advanced than any other countries. My international friends often praise Malaysia by saying how they have always felt jealous of our country’s unity. Speaking of unity, of course, nobody in this world would forget what happened to George Floyd in 2020. Yes, I’m talking about the inequalities between white Americans and African Americans. Remember how a few white policemen tried to arrest George Floyd but ended up killing him because of how violent they were towards him. It really caused domino impacts to the whole world after the tragic video went viral. Globally, people marched on the streets and displayed their protests to show support to the inhumanity performed by the policemen who abused their power. Accordingly, many Malaysians were supportive of the protest campaign, ‘Black Lives Matter’.


I read a few foreigners’ tweets yesterday on Twitter and they are now living in Malaysia. They stated how Malaysia is a country that should be exemplified because we accept all kinds of people regardless of their races, religions, and skin colours and I am truly proud of that. Besides, we are all one human race so what’s the difference between us actually? This whole racist tragedy made me realize how scary the world is out there and it will be hard to survive in the future. The television keeps broadcasting good things but in my opinion, sometimes they need to show the dark side of the world as well. For instance, how some people cannot speak for their community because the superiors are controlling them.


As a whole, we must be prepared for the worst that might happen. Before I end my letter, allow me to insert an amazing quote by Kim Namjoon when he talked about racism during the launching of Generation Unlimited, at the UNICEF General Assembly. “No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, gender identity: speak yourself.” Thank you Melur for always being considerate regarding what was happening in the past and did a lot of thoughts about what you can do for the world.



Melur from 2030

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