Funny thing

Funny thing.
This four letter word,
I mean, what does it even mean?
Fluttering butterflies and the universe in their eyes?
Daydreams about how they look so fine in that crisp white shirt and blue tie?
Reminding yourself to breathe when they look your way
And pray and pray that you don’t say
Anything like,
You look so good today and every day.
I mean, really?
Is that really ‘love’?
I used to believe, love was
falling asleep to his voice
Telling you about how crappy his day was
and all he wanted was to listen to your voice.
I used to believe love was
chasing you around the mall telling you, sorry
that he fucked up bad
and he doesn’t want you to leave angry
I used to believe love was
the way his stupid smile made his eyes dissappear
and soothing murmurs at 3 in the morning
because God, I wish you were here
I used to believe a lot of things about love
I redefined love
He was love
He was comfort and safety
And he left me
Lost and lonely
I felt empty
For the first time
and it was more than just scary
I vowed to me
No more of this
No more love
And then you came around
all stupidly adorable and annoyingly distant
And fucked things up for me
Its like I finally found my footing
And you pulled the damn rug right where I was standing
I thought I could pull away
I thought I was stronger than this
but here I am arranging words
One after another with your name hidden between syllables
and stupid rhymes
This is not love is it?
Because I don’t think I’m ready
To redefine love, again.
But yeah, you look good today
And yesterday and every day.

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