Promises after promises, I’m tired of promises.
People say “Don’t make promises you can’t keep”,
you make promises you’re not even sure where it’ll lead.
Day by day, everything seems to be clearer and I pray that this heart will get better.
Your words are always so dangerous, it sounded safe and sound to my ears.
I know your intentions are pure but your actions, made it hard for me to cure
from your words,
from your smile,
from your laughter,
from everything that we have together.

It’s like going on a rollercoaster.
You know it’s risky. It’s bumpy, it’ll make you feel dizzy.
Makes you want to throw up yet you still take another ride, just for the sake of it.
Memorise the flow, where the bumps are, how much longer we’re going to go.
Know when it ends, yet you pretend,
like this ride could go on forever.
And they say, nothing lasts forever.

What we have…
is one hell of a rollercoaster.
I’d go through this, again and again.
Just so I could feel how I feel when I’m with you,
again and again.

Throw up, same spot, there’s that feeling in the gut again.
I feel sick but I always say I’m fine.
Jokes on me, this has been way out of line.

Little did you know,

       I never enjoyed rollercoasters.

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