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AwefullyWritten is going through some changes, again!

Well we recently set up a Facebook page because we were afraid that if we waited too long, someone else might snatch the name ‘AwefullyWritten’. So guys, please do like us on Facebook and we promise to update the page more with updates 🙂

We’re trying to get the layout to be a little reader-friendly. Too many people saying it’s too dark for a readers blog. “It’s too gloomy when I visit!” We hear you. But this will take some time as some of the stories are set in black font so we have to go through it all, also the banners are all set in a black background. but we’ll promise to make it quick. Anybody who would like to lend us a hand let us know!

We’re going to set up a writer’s profile for our writers and contributors so that there’s more interaction between readers and writers. Who knows, some people might be very interested with what you submitted and things can grow from there 😉

Lastly, thank you all for the continued support! It’s been 6-months since AwefullyWritten is hosted in a dot com domain and it’s deeply heartening to see such support. We’re gearing up for bigger things and we hope all of you would be a part of it. Keep reading and keep submitting~


Like us on facebook here:
Oh! Our Twitter page is up as well:

Any suggestions, comments, voices of support, do contact us at awefullywritten(at)

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