Forgive But Never Forget

We always heard people said, let’s forgive but never forget. But how far we manage to forgive when we tend to not forget about it?


This just came to me suddenly when I was casually talking with my husband about his work stuff. Everytime we open a story on things related to work, I will associate with things that happen at my previous workplace.


FYI, I had a bad experience from my previous workplace. It’s been few months since I left. I thought I have forgive them for things that they have done to me. But then, I realise something.


If I really had forgive them for everything, why is it that I always find a way to still talk about what they did to me? Of course, it will never be forgotten cause they messed up with myself big time.


It took times for me to get up and gain that self-confidence again. I told myself, they can’t do this to me. They’re no one.


But then again, I will always mentioned about what they did instead of mention about something that’s not related at all.


Does this mean I still haven’t forgive them yet? Or it just because the pain is too painful that I keep remember about it?

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