Forget? Forgive?


I don’t know if its doable.

I sometimes wonder,

Will you forgive me if I

Did the same exact thing,

To you?

Or your family? Loved ones?

Would you mind if I scarred them for life?

Like you did,

To me?


I try hard digging to my heart core,

Hoping to find that part of me that had,

Forgive you,

Or forget,

But I didn’t. I still don’t now.

I remembered every.little.things.

That you did to me.

I still found myself mad at you when the thought crossed,

I know you’re a changed man now.

But it still doesn’t change anything for me.

Yes past is past,


Every other day I wish,

And wish my heart out,

That someday I’d lose my memory,

And start anew.


I know the good things

Way more from the bad,

But I cant help it can I?

When my brain chooses to remember the bad,

Even when we were smiling like a fool,

Laugh our head off like maniac,

Back in my head I still remembers.

And it kills me.

It pains me to remember but


So help me god,

Help me protect this love,

End this misery,

Take my memories,

Take my pain.


Away and far from me.



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