Forever A Problem.

” Dahla, okbye “

” Okey bye “

She is a problem.

She is forever a problem.

If she said no, its probably yes.

If she said yes, its probably no.

If you hurt her, she cried.

If she hurts you, she cried.

She cant be understood.

Doesnt matter how a good writer could be.

He could not ever describes a woman.

She is a problem that always needs to be solved.

You solved her today. She’ll get another problem for the next day. Theres no end for that.

Knowing her is more about discovery.

Discover a 8 years old childen inside a 18-20 years old woman.

A crybaby inside a wicked witch. A fragile creature inside an independent woman.

If she cries, your first question must be whether she wants you or not. If she says NO means you are the reason for her tears.

Define her goodbye as come here I need you.

Define her I am okay as take me with you.

Call her with sweet names, most of the time.

You cant just understand her for a year or decade, you just have to stay there, bear with her weird behavior and give your heart and soul to this psychopath creature.

Discover them, find the treasure inside her mind, take out the diamond inside her broken heart, be patient, that’s all.

be beautiful - just the way you are :)
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