for you, my love

i write, write and write my feelings for you like I’ve never been in love before.

yes, you make me fall in love like it was my first time. you talked about yourself and i talked about myself.

and i just couldn’t help but to look in your eyes and fall in love more and more.
hearing your voices and your sweet laughter could eased my ailings, could eased my heart.
your touch makes me feel safe like you are my home.
you were my home.

and i craved your love, your attention and your presence.
you took my breath away.
you taught me a lot of things and i kept relying on you.
you didn’t fix me but you made me feel better.
every time when you said ‘i love you’ , i swear that i was the happiest girl ever.
and i love you more and more day by day.

you loved me when i’m at my lowest.
you still chose me despite my flaws.

but things don’t always be like how we want it to be and i guess I’m nothing to you now.
i let you go but i never leave your side.
but you moved on so easily.
you left me hanging.
you left without even saying you are sorry, without even saying goodbye to me.

but still i just want you to know that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and you always will.
there’s always a spot in my heart for you.
and i am always here for you.

i always gonna cherish and remember the memories and all that we shared together cause i don’t want to waste anything and i hope you will remember me and all those little things that we did together.

“2017 : you taught me more than I could handle. I learned love, loss, everything in between.” – u.k

thank you for everything. i love you.
i always do.

too many thoughts in this small head of mine.
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