For you, Flower.

I know how it feels to not to have someone to confide into.
I know how it feels to cry alone.
I know how I feels to suddenly broke into tears with no apparent reason.
I know how that feels.
I know how it feels to choke up on nothing but your own thoughts.
I know how it feels to have to scream silently with your pillow in your mouth.
I know. I do. I really do.
I too know how it feels to slide down the wall at 3 am wondering where it went wrong.
I too know how it feels to literally feels your heart broke to thousands and millions of pieces.
I know.
And I know how it feels to have so many people around you
Yet, you feel..empty.
And how loneliness crept in the moment you were alone
and all you can do is just sit.
Silently, crouching
While staring blankly at the nothingness in front of you.
I know how that feels,
And I’m here to tell you that,
It’s okay. You gonna be okay.
You’ll get over it somehow.
You will finally able,
To wipe all those tears,
Picking up the torn pieces of your heart that’s left.
Stand firmly with your feet on the ground,
And smile.
A small, wishful broken smile but still,
A smile.
And I’ll be with you,
In presence or in thoughts,
Know that I always pray the best for you.


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