For those who are also scared of love

It’s 12 am. She’s been trying to fall asleep for the past half an hour. But her head is writing a short story and it’s not stopping. Probably heading for a best-selling novel. 

And the one thing in her head right now is love. Thankfully not ghosts. Or spiders. That’s worse. 

It’s been over 2 years since her last relationship. Of course she’s over him. The one thing she’s not over with is the pain. That scarred her for life. And she can’t be blamed for it. 

She’s too scared she’s gonna hurt someone. She’s too scared she’s gonna get hurt. She’s too scared that things won’t go the right way. She’s too scared to go all over em again. She’s too scared of love. 

Poor thing for being scared of the most sacred thing in the whole universe. She’s had a lot of love to give. But she gave too much. And the love she gave backfired. Honestly what could’ve hurt more than that (of course aside from losing your family and friends but isn’t that a form of losing as well?). 

“You gotta loosen up a little sis. Love isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Don’t allow your fear of things not going your way suppress your loving potential. Kinda like growing a tree. If you don’t plant the seed it won’t grow. But if you do plant it, the seed’s gonna blossom into something beautiful.” said the stranger who barely knows her. But made so much sense in his point. 

“Well you made a point but i don’t think i can do this y’know.” 

“I think you just have to accept that getting hurt is par for the course if you want to get into the dating/romance game. To earn the right to be loved and give love, you need to accept the risk of getting hurt and hurt the person too. It’s two sides of the same coin. If you think it isn’t worth the pain, pun takpe.”

“Alright. Thanks m8”

“Don’t use that australian accent on me”

“Aite m8”

They laughed it off. 

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