For I Find Comfort In All Of It

watch my heart turns
perfectly still at the sight of you.
watch it burst out of my skin if it refuses to.

fuck i’m so in love
and you’re my purest form of happy.

which is sad
which is all that i have to give.





make it stop.
god make it stop and see if i wont just splatter.

god it does not matter
if i’m still not enough of a shelter
break my ribs open, god make space
make space for him.

and i would be splayed open a thousand times over
if it was for him.

and carve
and bend
all my skin, all the bones in my body

still i’ll be fine.
and i’ll make myself whole again for him.

god how i wish he wasn’t
the only thing that could hold me together.
how do i let my beloved go
and not relieve myself of everything else

Cant do debate cuz I often forget where my point is going. Also cuz I stutter. Mainly cuz I stutter.
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