for him <3 #2

hey you,
where are you right now?
how’s the weather at yours?
it’s been raining here,
feel a bit chilly,
so i wear my socks to sleep.

how’s life?
i ate alone today.
i binge watched Friends- though i’ve seen them
because it feels familiar
and Chandler made me miss you more
ughh i envy Monica.

it’s lonesome and lonely.
BUT i get many things done today.
a cup of mocha or hot chocolate
with you right now, would be nice

i wanna tell you stuffs i worry about
words and circumstances that intimidate me
the not so wonderful difficult situation
i still could not get away with

how i wish to see your lovely smile
so i can forget how heavy and painful my heart is
at least for a moment, mate

when we will get to meet?
my close friends will be away soon,
i’m scared that nobody will check on me,
i’m afraid that i can’t speak my mind loudly
to the ones i’m comfortable with

pls eat.
take care of your health,
i miss you so
let’s do very well, hun


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