For all of you heartbreakers

Now, I’m pretty sure when you read the title, you must be thinking that I’ll be condemning heartbreakers. You might even be one, and this post drew your attention. Another possibility is that you’ve been badly heartbroken, and you want to read this post about them mean, mean people. Or, you’re just bored. ?

So, first off.

For all of you heartbreakers, I feel you. I know how it exactly feels to break people’s heart. When they have entrusted you with their own heart, and you instantly crush them like you’ve no mercy for them. I know. For some of you, you might feel guilty about the idea of breaking someone’s heart, but since it has become a habit or even a common thing, you keep doing it inhesitantly. I know for a fact, somewhere in your heart, you feel that glimpse of guilt and regret for betraying people’s love, but you just don’t care. Your mind says you want more. Your heart says you don’t care. And that, is absolutely human. Normal.

To all of you heartbreakers out there, I feel you. You must’ve committed all that due to your past experiences or… Maybe you just lack of love. This is just an assumption, by the way. Probably, your parents have abandoned you. Your family is not in good shape. You have personal problems that lead you to loneliness and etc. And the way for you to curb all the problems, you start finding a companion. You start engaging yourself in relationships. You start communicating with people who loves you. However, I know, the only thing heartbreakers are seeking are the attention of others. And that is the very reason why heartbreakers would rather go for the hard-to-get type of people. Because as long as their attention is not driven to these heartbreakers, the heartbreakers would do absolutely anything to grab their attention. And once…. Once they grab people’s attention, they start to take things for granted, and be bored with it, and move on. This is for the hardcore heartbreakers that I’m pointing out. I’m not offending you guys in any way, but I feel you.

And one day… There must be that pinnacle where you’re going to be tired. It might not be now, but that feeling will come soon depending on how guilty you feel or other external factors that just might trigger you to stop doing this cruel action, and on that very day, you will start to have no feelings for people at all.

Let me tell you my experience.

When I was drained from all that bad doings of mine, I look at people as…people. Before this, I always find an opportunity to grab their attention eventhough it is only a short meeting. Because I don’t look at them as normal human beings. Rather, I look at them as victims. But now, I feel nothing and everytime my trigger comes to tell me that there is a ‘guy’ chilling over there, I’d think again and tell myself that I’ve had enough breaking people’s heart.. I think it was a sign that my heart was too tired and my soul is famished.

Oh the irony. How come your heart is tired when you’re the one that hurts people?

I’d like to think that every soul was born good. Our natural inclination is towards the good side of us. And when we do something that violates our own heart and soul, you feel the uneasiness and anxiety. At least, that’s how I feel. And I am so thankful that that happened to me.

And to all of you heartbreakers out there, it’s okay if you don’t feel the guilt now. But at some point, you should realize that others have feelings too, just like you. They want to be loved, just like you. And what is more important is that ‘what goes around, comes around’. Just imagine, one fine day when you find that absolutely picture-perfect soulmate you want to marry and live with for the rest of your life, he/she decides to leave you with his/her last words saying, “I think it’s better if we just be friends. You deserve better.”

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