I just want to hold you so tight; telling me everything’s gonna be alright, that the pain will go, because you’re there to scare it away.

Hold my hand, and don’t let go; whisper in my ears things I want to know. About how much you value me, how much pain if you lose me.

Bring me things that I love; the scent of your body and soul. That would be enough, it seems. For you are the only thing I need.

Never let go; hold my arms till they’re unfeeling anymore. Cradle me tight, so I know I’ll be alright.

Play with my hair all night, because that’ll keep my sanity intact. O love, please stay. Because you, made me go all the way.

I saw flares up the sky; a romantic kind of prelude. And there I know, I’m not alone; knowing you sent the flares for me.

Return me to a place I was, by your side, baby. The only real place that I need to be. Feel the tears welling up, and I’m there, trapped.

I remembered throwing my heart off the open window, hoping you’ll be there to catch. So I went and do it, only to see you’re lighting a match.

Burned, it was. A glowing coal upon the grass. And you told me, everything’s gonna be alright. Everything will rise from the ashes that flew.

So I waited. For the time it will rise again. For the time it will regrow a limb, and walk back to me. But it never did.

Instead. A new one came. With the shape of your name. Lumbering slowly, and latched it upon my empty cavity.

And I saw it was halved. Not completely there. And I looked at you, seeing yours is as defaced as the one you gave me to.

So I know; you halved yours to make up mine that was lost.

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