These upgraded feeling scares me.

I am aware that im starting to feel more than I intended to.

I didn’t plan to love you this much.

I thought I would just go with the flow,

Or whatever it is that is meant to be.

I didn’t intend on falling hard,

And feeling so much more than just liking you.


This scares me.

I wonder if im ready to let me fall head over heels?

I couldn’t before.

Im trying now.

But the whole changing processes got me

All choked up.

Aint we going too fast?

Or are we actually going too slow?


Arguing with you upsets me,

Which prove to me that you do have meaning in my life.

I wouldn’t even care before.

But I do now.

Is this good news? Or bad one?

I cant really think clearly.

Its like there’s so much grey clouds,

Clouding my judgement.


In the midst of it all,

I still wonder how you were doing.

Do you miss me

Like I miss you?

Cause the only reason that im upset,

Is not because we’re arguing,

It’s because of I cant listen to your voice,

while im blind with my idiosyncrasy.



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