As soon as I see Plaza Tol Gombak, my heart felt relieved. Almost felling to asleep while driving is not an experience I would choose to remember. If it hadn’t for my brother whose car always had problems, I would have arrived earlier. The road is clear. Thank god we crush the road since 3 a.m., if not, I would have stuck in a jammed right now somewhere in Raub.

It is around 10 a.m when I arrived home. I parked the car at my usual place, unload my bags and all. Have a nice shower, and then I am off to bed. Then I wake up at 4 p.m. God, I really have a nice sleep. Since everyone are not home yet, I am really using this quality time pampering myself. Putting on masker, have a long shower, making myself a nice hot chocolate.

Then I realise I have not eaten anything since last night. My stomach is growling and then since the Malaysians and especially Muslims are still celebrating Hari Raya, I decide to announce my arrival to Shah Alam to the besties.
Me: “Sapa ado openhauz rini, sya dh kt shalomz”

Fana: “Hahahahahahahahah”

Alisa: “Aku baru nak tanya”

Fana: “Aku pun dh ada kl”

Me: Hahahahahaha

Dani: “Aku xde open house, tp ade laa sepupu sedare siket nk dtg”

Me: “Aku bertolak pkl 5 stgh kot drp gm, zzzzz”

Dani: “Klau nak dtg bole je, bwk kete ke jah?”

And the rest is not important, as I receive an invite to feast. Muahahaha. I immediately say yes and said would ring or text her if I am on the way to her house.

I have not seen her for a while and I think we have grown apart. Her presence is rather awkward than pleasing. Her opinion seems uninteresting to me, nowadays. And also, I did hate her step mom a little. We used to spend the whole together back in the days while we were still freshmen completing CAT. But, being the way I always am, please everyone and then only everyone pleases you.

“Assalamualaikum, it has been a while since I have met you”

“Yeah it does, come in”

Dani gives me a hug. She is really a sincere hugger, everyone knows. From afar, I can see her step mom, smiling at me and me returning the smile. This is her step mom’s second house, the house where the wedding of her father and step mom takes place is in another part of U12. This is the first time I have been here. The layout is not the same as the previous house that I have been. Perhaps they were built in different phases.

Apart from hating Dani’s step mom, I secretly admire her. Finishing her master next year and now having a second home. Yeah, probably it is nothing as her age is about to turn 40 in a few years, but hey, she is the only one I know with two houses under her own name, earning them with her own effort, not like my sister.

“Please come in Mila, please help yourself, sorry I can’t entertain you yet!” she said loudly so that I who sat across the room can hear after pausing the conversation with her sister in law.

“Yes, it’s okay aunty, please do continue”

While on my way to Dani’s home, I think of several places that I want to buy my dinner in case the food in Dani’s house finishes or that she only treats people with Biskut Raya and snacks. HAHAHA wtf right? I think I thought like that because when I asked people to come over to my house, I don’t actually prepare heavy foods to fill in their stomach. Just drinks and snacks. Yeah, I am THAT lazy, and THAT shameless.

Apparently, I don’t have to drive thru anywhere tonight because there were spaghetti and nasi lemak on the table ready for me to chomp on. I eat them all! And also the grapes, the Japanese cheesecake is so good. Oh, and her father made the cookies too. It is so delish I only had the last piece!

We catch up on each other and also changes opinion on the future plans. I am so into the conversation that I have not realised it is already 6 p.m. and I have not yet performed my Asr prayer. We said our goodbye and hugs each other. Oh, and aunty being the match made in heaven for being Dani’s mom, is a real cheek kisser. Usually women when they greet with each other which are quite close, they only just bump their cheeks onto each other’s, but it is a different story with Dani’s mom. And if that happens, we Dani’s friend always left blushed after that.

I drive back home contemplating whether to go to work or not tomorrow. Suddenly I am regretting my decision already to not apply extra leave on Monday and Tuesday. It is half past 6 on Sunday evening when I already having Monday blues!

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