Failure that feels okay

I am always expected to wear this smile when I’m torn
To always laugh even when I fall
To fake it up so no one sees the pain I’ve held for so long
To hold what I hold best inside
Tears and failures.

I’ve been taught to see the bright side of everything
Till I’m blinded from the dazzling ray of reality
Oh darling this ain’t fantasy, you see
Little prince won’t come at the ending of all stories
Of my story, at least.

I’m always expected to live up to their expectations
To pick myself up every time I fall
To heal my own wounds when I get hurt
To accept failures as means for me to grow
To look at defeats as a way for me to know
How strong I am or how weak I can be
Before I break the shackles holding me
And finally break free
From all the false hope that have burdened me.

For once, let me not be optimistic about this, please just let me be
For once let me just cry and weep
Let me just have a taste of all the flavours failure has got to offer 
And appreciate the view of going down from this uphill climb
To just be me, and fail
And not feel bad about it
To never feel bad about being myself.

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4 thoughts on “Failure that feels okay

  1. Am a fan of your stringed up words, turned into colourful proses!

    Especially love this line “Let me just have a taste of all the flavours failure has got to offer :/

    1. Yeap, though it’s often easier said than done. I guess at some point we’d find it hard to disregard what others have got to say to us aha thank you though!

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