ex lover, are you still there?

I dont think im still in love with you
But i can assure u still have some of my attention
We’re fine with this decision
To be apart and choose a different path
To stop being there for each other
To stop showing love
To stop caring

But then there are people around me still hoping that we’re together,
Did you face this too?
If you face the same thing,
Dont come back,
Dont go back to where we used to be
Dont make me as your future again
Because i think we’ll never work out
No matter how hard we try to tolerate with each other insecurities
In the end, we’ll choose to ignore each other
As if coping with insecurities is silly

Maybe i should stop joking around using your name,
What if i develop that feelings again?
I know i should stop
You show me clearly you already lost every inch of me in your life
Can you show me you’ve someone else?
Because with that i know i can let go for sure,
Because with that i know i’ll never have another chances
Because with that i can officially be with someone else
Because with that, if we meet again i can say
‘you’re the one who left earlier’
‘You’re the one who stop trying’
‘You’re the one who find another me in another person first’

This side of me i dare to show, because you're just a stranger :)
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