Every Love Story – The Girl

She is a cheerful, bright girl. Not that kind of beauty that sweet or demure. She doesn’t even care about any makeup but she is just beautiful in her own way, without even trying. She would see herself as a straight-forward, no drama kinda girl. Little did she knows, she is in a middle of it.

So, when she told me that she had a crush on that boy (first boy and let’s just call him Cap), that was predictable. And I thought this is an easy love story. She thought it was just a dream. Because let’s face it, she did not want to be hoping too much. A careful girl should I say, she heard about how hope had been crushed in less than a second.

And here comes the second boy. She is comfortable with him, like a brother should I say? Always be there, encouraging, helping or even just to talk about things. She is a naive girl and remember how I said earlier that she is not even trying to attract anyone? Well, she is just like that but little did she knows that boy’s feeling.

You may blame the girl, for giving hopes, showing interest or anything but had you ever think that girl might be you?




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