Every Love Story – Secretive Cap

Every Love Story and Every Love Story -The Girl

Obviously this is part three. You might think I’m bluffing but this story happened right in front of me. I don’t know the true story from Cap side’s. Giving hints but definitely not concrete statement. For the sake of the plot, I should write something about him anyways.

She is kinda angry with him. Those unspoken words, torturing her so much. Nope, this is from her side. At first, it was not that obvious. But, slowly we can see the pattern. He paid close attention to her. Listening to every word, reading every tweet. In the class’s Whats App group, each time she said something he surely be the first to reply. If not first, he will actively keep the conversation going. We all see this, gossip started to spread.

But he did not show any sign of rejecting those words, he seems.. happy. She is thrilled. He makes her heart fluttered, full of hope. Any girl would feel the same way, if they are in her shoes. You might deny it, but deep down inside your heart you will feel the excitement. Many more ‘kindness’ that he did for her in the name of friendship but we could see right through it. They just could not be unseen.

Some people believe that life is a race. If it is, then he already lose to the other boy that already confessed to her then. Is his strategy is going slow and steady? I don’t even know. Or did he already know about the other boy (his friend) that already confessed? She is so puzzled.

Is this that kind of story that has a happy ending?

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