On the stairs I tie my shoes.
I stand and look around at this foreign land that I have made home.
Where I run, the pavement that I hit is smooth
Uncracked, and crocuses smiled in full bloom
Untended. I think of us in our youth.

These trees here they change with the season
From green to red to bare-naked like hands clawing at the sky.
My feet falls in tandem to your heartbeat a thousand miles away.
Memories of you are always stark against the backdrop of evergreen.
I miss the predictability of warm days, of you and I.

I admit I took the coward’s way out
I lost all the chances that I didn’t take with you
I couldn’t stay in your orbit anymore and knew that I missed out.
So, I bought a one way ticket to this island and took all that I felt with me.
But every time I run now, I remember running away from you.
Then I start to think that maybe… that maybe…

That maybe it’s time to let go of you.
Maybe it is time to go home.
Maybe it is okay to feel this way
And realize that I still need to let go of you.

Just a lil bit fucked up.
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