Don’t hold onto me.
Let me go.
Won’t you?
Let me fly and spread my wings.
Away and away.

Let my heavy soul wanders and lost.
Don’t find me.
I can always find my way back,
If i want to,
Not that I ought to.

Let me find pieces of peace,
that has been missing from me.
For the days i woke up,
feeling tired, suffocated and caged.
I just want to breathe freely.

I only want to walk, to run, to do things calmly.
Within my pace, delays and speed.
I want to write, sings and laughs wholeheartedly.
Even if i have to do it, in solitary.

For i’ve been longing,
to see pink and white flowers bloom and fall prettily,
to feel the breeze of frosty snow in December,
to have the snowflakes caressing my warm skin,
to let the wind harassing my bare face,
to adore the grace of poised moonlight,
to have sips of sweet butter beers,
to look at the rough sea for hours and hours,
to send handwritten postcards to loved ones and myself.
to be in unison with the nature,
to be freed.
to be away and not to be found.

For once, don’t cling onto me.
I want to live silently.
but full-heartedly.
Can’t i?


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