Entry 1:

Once, the Moon told me a story about his past

The Moon was in love with the brightest star in the galaxy

The Star sparkled nearest to the Moon and he, who was very lonely, befriend her

The Moon finally fell in love with the Star that always brightened him up when the night came

The Moon will always looked at that one star and never wanted to find another light in his life

The Moon loved the Star so much he had never wanted to let her go

One day when the Star disappeared, the Moon kept on shining and brightening the night

But no one knew the Moon’s feeling

The Moon has lost something so precious, and no one knew about it


I asked the Moon, why the Star disappeared

The Moon gave me a smile and said, ‘Because everyone was attracted to the Star’

‘The Star was afraid she could not satisfy everyone’s wishes, and she was very timid’

‘So the last night before she disappeared, she shone the brightest’

‘The Star shone the brightest to me, so that I would never forget her’

‘But I asked her one question before she turned her back to me’

‘How could I ever forget the one that I swore to love for eternity?’


A tribute to a friend who was no longer breathing in this world, and to her significant other who has never forget about her since then.

a person who experiences 19 years of adventure and misfortune. An avid angst reader and also a sushi hoe
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