Bila aku 14 aku expect dunia ni will be better when am older.
I get to be free.
I get to be alone.
I get to be … respected.
I will have a lot of friends, new acquaintances and meet a lot people.
When i was 14 lah.

Now aku dah 20.
I dont know if its too early but i think the world is too cruel.
At least in my context.
At least in my world.
I am not free but i get to be alone.
But somehow its a different kind of alone.
Not the kind of alone that people get when noone bothers about their doings. No.
Its the kind of alone yang alone.
I am 20 and i dont have any shoulder to lean on.
I cant turn to my mom.
Ayah lagi lah.
I realized maybe i was too thoughtless when i wish to be alone dulu.

Now am really alone.
I cry alone.
I weep alone.
And worse, I dont even know what to do.
Am lost.

ratu typo eccentric yang rasa diri dia cool hanya kerana dia layan lagu dari band ranggi spt AM dan Hujan
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