It could have been an entirely different day, very different indeed, if the Gods above had not decided on quarrelling today at this precise moment. For it was in that exact moment, a little boy, no more than the age of twelve, was waiting anxiously under a bus stand where he had the comfort of shelter from the heavy downpour of rain that started to hit the roof above his head with such velocity it made him nervous.

The boy wasn’t very fond of rain. In fact, it could have been said that he was scared of it, though more than he would have liked to admit.

“I’m not scared, I just don’t like it” he would plead in his defense against sarcastic remarks which could only serve as reminders of how little he still was. If there was one thing he hated more than the rain was being reminded of what a baby he was.

“Now there, there, baby brother,” his brother would say while wrapping his lengthy arm around the boy’s shoulder who had himself securely wrapped in a cocoon of blankets made of cotton.

How he loved the feel of cotton, how it made him feel safe against loud noises which the rain often brought with it. What he didn’t like, on the other hand, was how his older brother used the word baby.

“What are you so scared of? There’s nothing to be scared of, really. Rain is a blessing in disguise, a blessing from above. Well, so they say…”

“What do you mean?” asked the boy wide eyed, his curiosity sparked by the sudden change of his brother’s voice which seemed to trail away. He looked at his brother tentatively for an answer.

“I’m not sure if you really want to know. I’m not sure…if you’re old enough to hear this.” The brother said this with a pained look on his face, as though the words hurt him as they left his mouth.

“I am! I am old enough!” convinced the boy as hard as he could.

“Well, okay. I guess you are. My baby brother, all grown up now. I should have known better.” he said with a smile.

“Yes, yes you should have known. I’m all grown up now and should to be told things from now on.” The boy said with a new-found confidence that brewed steadily inside of him.

“I will, baby brother. From now on, I will tell you everything I know, you only need ask.”

“Okay then, why does the rain come? And why is it so loud?” His brother nodded upon hearing questions of which he already knew the answers to. “Well, that’s quite simple really. As you might have already known, Gods are above us. And it is they who bring about rain and everything else that comes with it.”

“The Gods then…” whispered the boy so his brother wouldn’t hear. He didn’t want to appear less knowledgeable. Prior to today, he had never known of the existence of Gods who resided in the clouds high above, ever watchful.

“Yes, baby brother. And the Gods, often times than not, have disagreements among themselves.”

“Disagreements? What do you mean?”

“Disagreements, baby brother. They quarrel.” Said his brother with slight annoyance about having to provide further explanation to what disagreements were. “And this is why we have night and day. Rain and sunshine. They can never agree on which should have their way. One will have their way today, but another will have it theirs the next day, and so on. Do you get it?”

The boy nodded eagerly, not keen on annoying his brother any further.
“And sometimes, when their arguments go beyond reason, they fight. The loud noises you hear, just before the rain comes?”
The boy nodded again.

“Sometimes we get light showers of rain, and other times we get heavy rainstorms. One gives in easy only to fight harder the next day.” Concluded his brother with a look of satisfaction on his face.

“How do you know all this?” asked the boy

“Because I’m your brother, and I will always know more than you. And from now on, as long as you ask for it, you will know as much as I do.” The boy etched a smile on his face and laid his head to rest within the embrace of his brother’s arm.

“Now that you know where rain comes from, there’s no need for you to be scared of it.”

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