Being eighteen-

I seem to forget what day of what month today currently is

As everyday passes by the same,

I have no commitments,

No more Biology book to digest

No more failed Additional Mathematics paper to mourn over


I get to watch movies as soon as they release

and I went to driving classes

I faced the dreadful JPJ and got my license

but I don’t drive much because in my dad’s eyes,

I’m still his little baby princess (and I might crash the expensive car)

Till now I’m still working to earn their trust behind the wheels.


And there were the exam results that got family from everywhere calling

those wishing well and patting my back

then came the uni applications

scholarships, matrikulasi, upu- choose your flavour.

we sit hunched in front of the computer trying to choose which way should we lead our lives

when just a few months ago we weren’t even allowed to go to the toilet without permission

Some of us followed our parents wish

to become things that they wanted to be but didn’t

and abandoning our own dreams in the process

and some were lucky enough to get what they want

passing interviews after interviews

impressing every scholar by our wit and intelligence

and the amount of A+’s on our SPM slips


at the heart of it all

we keep losing friends

as one by one goes away to college and uni

and so will I,

in just a mere three weeks time.


so hello to the new friends,

and goodbye to the old ones!


p/s: UPU’s announcement is tomorrow, and I’m set on entering iium for law foundation. Please pray for me! Good luck to all other spm ’15 leavers! May the odds be ever in your favour.


I give away pieces of my heart to those I love.
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