Dying from the light. Now hiding in the dark.

I am hiding in the dark. It is pitch black. I am not scared, but I am reaching the end of me.

The light of reality has burned: my eyes, skin, bones, heart, mind, and my crippled soul.

I retreated to protect and recover myself. To heal these wounds. Here I am… still dying, but I am relieved to be on this side. It is dimmer and cooler here than that damn burning light outside.

The darkness is full of: lies. But these lies make me rejoiced. These lies make my pain incredibly bearable.

There’s no way out and I can feel it. But I am alright, as I belong here.

I am now waiting for Death to pay me a visit. I am offering my soul to be returned to the Underworld. I will leave my body consumed by dirt and I will have my name and my face wiped off from their minds and hearts.

They know my name. They know how I look like. But they never cared of me. I will stay hidden in this void and they will never bother to look for me.

A person dies alone. That is fine to me. A person belongs to a single grave. I am alright with being one body in a grave. A grave without a tomb and petals. A great way to leave this cruel world.

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