Douleur, many ( just kidding I can’t write a story nor poem so I don’t have anyone to read it ) would ask what is the meaning. Actually it is just another word for pain; in German. So let’s get into what I write the other day about it.

Wound is a thing we can see,
and find a cure for it.
Always staying out of trouble,
in hopes of getting it from happening.
Always precautious,
for not to own it.

But the real pain is in our heart,
where we won’t be able to heal it.
Even if we stitch it a million times,
it still wouldn’t be enough to cover the wound they left opened for so long.
Let the best of cardiologist do the trick,
they even will found failure of healing it.

Shut our mouth up,
and listen to those people who we’ve hurt.
Without you realise,
in real time how many hearts we already torn in halves.
The one we make a joke about,
and those we talked behind them.
These people are dying inside-slowly,
while ours beating like its none of our concern.

But its alright,
they eventually will get tired of it.
They’ll make ways to cease those feelings,
giving chances in hopes for a brighter ones ahead of them.
Lifting up hands and praying,
asking God for help.
For He who is the most sincere in what He do,
and He who is the loveliest of all.

“Fresh start” is what they’ve wanted,
regardless of what they’ve gone through. What they’ve felt after for so long, unconsciously.
Its like the dark side is happy to have them with open-handed,
though the glittering – better days is shining at the end of tunnel,
waiting for them to realize its still not the end of the journey.

Soon it will all be over,
the ones with the strongest heart will endure.
For those who didn’t have enough strength will slowly suffocate,
to the lethal disapproval thrown by the thought-less society.

Its alright,
there will always a friend called “Karma”,
for long its been known in the kamasutra land for ages as a bitch.
It’ll devour those who possess a rotten heart,
and it did its job like a faultless robot.

Just keep in mind before you do bad things, the world really works like a spinning wheels. You go up, you step the people the people who is down below you. After awhile, the shoes you wore to do your filthy job would worn off without realizing – letting yourself to slip to the bottom of all the worst you can imagine.

For those who’ve living like the short ones I typed, live your life. Set sail to the most dangerous course many would not go. Explore beyond your capabilities and reach the life you imagined. People do talk, and there is nothing in the world neither one of us could stop. Just so you think you’re just a piece of rose in the middle of the house at the most stranded island in the world, there is someone looking at you like you’re bouquet of flowers – releasing fragrance many would not expect. Showing love like its Valentine’s everyday.

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