Double shot espresso


hadn’t drank coffee in year
I think the sequence goes a lot like
heartbreak, coffee and then chest pain;
I think I loved you so much
a part of me resisted our common
refuses to acknowledge the way
every coffee cup feels like your fingers,
will not hold them the same way


I saw your back hunched over the countertop
hot water boiling in the kettle
you said, “coffee?”
I remember this in slow motion;
the way you turned around
and beans spillled across the floor
I think I loved you then
the way you gathered each, one after another,
into your soft palms
the way you cradled my heart in
your delicate hands


the futility, how it almost felt like a blessing
until it’s not;
I mean the coffee making,
I mean the art of consuming bitter things,
the art of letting it consume you


I found you cuddled to the sofa at midnight,
snoring soundly
I did not find the words;
could not say “come and sleep next to me”
so I turned the tv off
leave your body wrapped in a blanket
went to bed wondering
if we overstayed our coffee date
how did it get this way?


our relationship felt like
the exact amount of sugar and cream
and bitter
I remember how at the end of it
passing by starbucks started making me
sick to my stomach
how it pinches my gut, says
the person who does not love me anymore
drinks a double shot espresso
remember how his kisses smelled like,
remember how it crawled down my throat
a familiar warm


hadn’t drank coffee in a year
it felt like the right thing to do,
not layer different tastes on top of yours
not forget

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