Don’t Look Back

‘Don’t look back!’, yelled a man. ‘What?’, replied Mustafa. Mustafa saw a man anxiously running toward him from behind as if he were a petty thief being chased by a police officer. The man asked Mustafa why he was walking in the woods. ‘I was just wandering around, who are you?’, Mustafa answered. The man was sweating profusely. He had forgotten who he was. Not knowing what to answer, he dragged Mustafa to a nearby tree and he asked him to crouch and hide. ‘Never look behind your back here’, warned the mysterious man. He then explained that they are in Bukit Sangkala, a forest once occupied by devil worshippers. ‘If you look back, the spirits will trap you here forever and no one can ever find you’, the man told Mustafa. Mustafa began to feel the gravity of the situation they were in. He asked the man what were they hiding from. The man told him is being hunted because another man had looked behind. He did not know who or what was hunting him. All he knew was that another man was attacked and killed a few days earlier and the hunters had been following him since. He had been on the run for days without food or water. His clothes and face were covered in dirt to help camouflage himself. ‘I was losing my mind. I almost gave up running away and decided to kill myself by bashing my head on a big sharp rock. But then I saw you. I thought maybe you are the key to us getting out’, said the man. It was all too much for Mustafa to process at once. Mustafa started to panic and make loud noises. The man told him to calm down or they will find them. ‘Get away from me!’ yelled Mustafa. Mustafa began to get away from the man. The man started to chase Mustafa but he suddenly stopped. Mustafa heard a loud scream. It was the man and he was screaming in pain. Mustafa wanted to look behind but he knew that he couldn’t. He couldn’t hear if the ones attacking the man were human or not. But he felt chills. Mustafa just stood still as he listened to the cries of the man. He could only imagine what was happening to him. Based on the cries, the man sounded like he was slowly being slashed by a blade. Each slash was followed by cries that kept getting louder. Mustafa’s eyes were shut but he could practically see the man’s body was slowly cut and stabbed. He could even hear blood dripping from the man’s body.  He then heard frantic movements. It sounded like the man was struggling on the ground, trying to grab a hold of the floor as he was being dragged. Mustafa felt like he was listening to a man being dragged to hell. The cries started to fade away and Mustafa knew that the man was gone. He understood that he needed to find an escape route. So he set out on his journey, finishing what the mysterious man started. A few days have passed and things were not looking up for Mustafa. The non-stop chills had messed with his mind so much that he decided to end it all. That is, until he saw another man. ‘Don’t look back!’ yelled Mustafa.     

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