Do I deserve to be happy?

Do I deserve to be happy?

That’s the question that has been on my mind since back then. Do i really deserve to be happy? because every time i wanna be happy, it turns out to be tears and feeling disappointed. Everyone was convincing me that i deserve to be happy after what i have gone through, but it looks like i didn’t even deserve it even once. You know how does it feel when you said you didn’t put any hopes but actually you did. Little thing that you knew, your heart, your soul were longing for it. You really missed it, so that’s what i feel right now. That kind of feeling when you were not sure with what will happen next. The insecurity that you had all these years, it ruined you. It was slowly destroyed you.

Right now, i’m just hoping that one day i will forget how does it feel to be insecure. I hope that one day i will no longer having any doubt about what’s going on in my life. I hope i can be happy without having uncertainty with happiness that i will have.

I hope i can be happy like everyone else. I hope you can be happy too.

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