You were so different.

Your act, your smile and your gaze. Those were really different. I tried to read them, I think I understand them a bit.

From the start of the day at friday until the end of today. I realized that you kept took a glance at me. The first time you talked to me first, “Eh kau lagi.” I actually,  my heart never stop smiling. To admit that, I also kept looking at you. Secretly took a glance at you and finding where were you at the moment.

You’ve been caught red handed. When I took a photo of my team and you actually were there too, and there are one of the photo where you looked at my camera. You actually look at me. I swear I was surprised and didn’t believe the fact that you were for real looking at me. But I didnt understand why you were like that. And that night, our outfit kinda a bit same HAHAHAHA the color only. Lulz

On the next day during the aerobic exercise, aaaaaah I still can’t hold my feels when you took off your spectacle. That was my secret weakness. Oh my god. I know you’ve been secretly looking at me did the exercise. Pfft that was totally embarrassing. And at second activity, during at your point place, I was embarrassed too, but I saw you only been searching for me and when I look at you, there you were actually already looking at me. I was like, damn why. And you look at me with that smirk or should I say a smile that I can’t even read them. You’re totally driving me crazy now. That was the reason why I run away from you. You bring back the feeling that I tried so hard to erase. And yes you did that back.

At the night, which is totally the best and memorable moments for me. I never miss every single thing when it comes about you. When I came up on the stage alone to introduce my team, I saw you at the back, you were not paying attention at first but when you look up and saw it was me, you paid attention. By the moment I was totally shaking and stuttering when I spoke up. Aish. Hahahahahaha

And when it was your team turn, I look at you and I swear I saw you hold the mic and I was like “Damn does this guy gonna introduce his team too?” And my thought was real. You were there standing in front of me. I didn’t dare to look at you actually. Because I know you were looking at me. Your team were singing songs that I actually never expect. Love yourself, Fall for you, Kenangan terindah and All of me. That’s all are my favourite songs. And All of me was actually has it’s own story of us. You were there singing and smiling. I don’t know what’s the meaning behind that smile. My heart was totally ‘in love’. I almost cried WTH HAHAHAHA FOR REAL hmm

You were handsome and cool. I really mean it. And by the time when my team went to our sleep place, you at the back, I saw you and I walk in front you, that time I heard someone whispered “ui ui’ and when I look at right, I only saw you, and you looking at me and smiling and look away. That was my favourite time and moment ever. When I walk away, I actually smiling and I can’t hold the feeling that I was totally happy and in love that night. I was…

My only thought now is.. I never understand those. It’s complicated. You were different. When I look at you I actually felt happy and I will secretly smiling. I tried so hard to erase you, but now you comeback and I can’t. But I know, you will no longer become student here. That’s why, I only believe in Allah’s plans.

I write about life too often.
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