dear you. love, me


knowing you, thought i didn’t have to cry like i used to no more. but i loved you so much that i cried even more. but you broke me like you never loved me, and you lied like i never mattered. so maybe i would say i wish we never met on that elevator. but i don’t and i still wished things was better. i still wish you the best. turns out we weren’t the best for each other. we both evolved, but not to one another. i missed you, but i couldn’t. i loved you, like i always do. you’ve said goodbye quite some time ago, and i take quite some time to say mine. we both know it’s times up. maybe it’ll always going to hurt, maybe i’d still miss you. but i gotta grow. and i gotta learn not to hurt anymore, again. thank you, for a brief moment for having me to believe i was loved. 

had a heart lined with cracks but i chose art to fill it.
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