Dear You

Dear you,

It’s been almost 4 months since we broke up. I dont know why tonight I really miss our memories. I installed back messenger just because i miss us and i want to see back our pictures since i’ve deleted our pictures in my gallery. I know im such a pathetic, still can’t move on from us. I know that you aren’t thinking about me at all and it sucks but its okay. I really hope that you’ll always be happy and study well. I miss wishing you good luck in study (Good Luck study!) :). Its hard knowing that I can’t hate you even after all this months. I hope you’re in a good health and please take a good care of yourself there. I know that you will never ever read this but I just want to write to express my feelings. I look back at our pictures on messenger and i miss talking to you, sending my pictures to you, asking you to take a selfie just because I really miss you. Damn, it was such a good day back then :). I know right now you are happy with someone else and I hope that she won’t break your heart. I hope you will always be happy with them and i hope she can make you happy. I know this sound pathetic but when i look at our pictures, the feelings still the same for me. I miss you :). I know I should let you go already but its quite hard but I really pray one day soon I can live happily and find my happiness. 🍁
Mannn…im such a pathetic girl 🙁 i feel sorry for myself for letting me to be like this but im just a human, i have feelings and i cant lie to myself. Huh…i need to be strong like always✨ i always pray that one day I can really move on and starting over again with other people after i resolve the problem within myself. My trust issues, my insecurities and many more. But, i want you to know even you broke me but im trying to pick up myself now. And i always hope that you live your life happily.


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