Dear My Future Child

I know you’re biting on your tongue
so hard you might bleed
Holding your breath, congesting your lungs
But the words are biting you with greed
Your face is flashing red and pink
You have a lot boiling, trying to decide

I don’t know what to think
But I’m no longer at ease
Even if I don’t know what it is
Your eyes are trying to speak
but I can’t decrypt their silence
you’re pale and looking sick
has something come between us
and by asking am I making it worse?
Why are you suddenly cold
Is it something you were told

Speak, why have the smiles died
and your face says you’ve cried?
why is your hair looking wild
Has someone hurt you, my child?
You know when you hurt I hurt
You know you have my heart

I’m breaking the more in the uncertainty
I’m losing the grip on sanity
Are you afraid I won’t understand
you know I’d understand, I’ll try
speak dove, don’t just cry
Your tears are a thing I can’t stand

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