Dear Future Self

Dear Future Self,
Hi, I’m the Present Self. Its 2.49 AM, I should be sleeping but my mind is lingering somewhere else and my sleep pattern is already messed up. But I’ve come acrossed this website and read the post that I wrote last year on February. So, I gonna tell you a little bit of reminder to remind yourself in the future. So here it goes.

Dear Future Self,
Last year, on February 2017, Past Self is in state of total heartbroken. She felt like she will never be heal, she will never be the same, and she will never feel the same. She has no hope to fall in love again.
But the thing she never knew is,
On February 2018, she’s madly in love with someone who treated her right, who always calm her, who struggled to be with her, who had crush on her since 4 years ago. The guy who struggle and patiently gained her trust so she could start to fall in love again. So she could feel again what is like to be loved, to have debate with, to argue with and to forgive and forget each other’s past and looking forward to start new life together.

Future Self,
Someday you will come across this website, maybe a year or a month? And I’ll be the Past Self. Now, I’m struggling with finding job and I know you have figured out by this time (inshaAllah). Just be yourself, improve yourself to a better you and do not settle for less. Take care and semoga kaya.

Best regards,
Present Self.

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