Cry for coffee

Sometimes, a cry for coffee shouldn’t be taken lightly,

When someone says “I need coffee”, not because he or she is simply thirsty.


Far from feeling glee,

Especially when it is a daily plea.



The drinkers are trying to convey that they are sleepy,

because they couldn’t sleep properly,

because their minds feel heavy,

because their hearts are feeling kinda empty,

because their lives are not exactly pretty.


Their ‘I need coffee’ might sound whiny,

but they don’t mean to be,

they just want someone to see,

that they are not exactly happy.


They don’t need your penny for coffee,

They don’t need ask for pity,

nor sympathy,

but preferably an offer of empathy


Carefree is what they crave to be,

Stress-free life is what they fancy.



your coffee junkie.




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