I crave you each passing second
Your absence leads to self abstinence
Not even that jovial thought can distract my mind
Nor any kind of distraction that comes in line

I crave to touch
Not physically
But straight to you heart that ends this misery
The connection we built was so effortless
If this ends all I gonna do is burst
And weep with curse
Just to make it worse

I crave your presence
I crave your scent
I crave each conversations we had now and then
I crave deep talks
And that crack jokes
I crave the sound of your voice
How soothing it was, with some touch of poise

Oh may your silhouette never leaves
The least it can do is haunt me
Burn my mind with our memory
Don’t let my mind pace hungrily
As I still crave you, with this torturing distant
If I had felt what I’m feeling at the moment
I never would’ve loved so nonchalant

I still crave you each passing second
Dear god, just teach me to be patient

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