Constant Sadness ( February 20, 2016 )

When we were young,

We dream of dreams,

It seems as it was kind of like a realm to conceal,

Like stars shining brightly under cover of the darkness,

Abide with the sorrows of attaching a piece,

We look at the tides and march our head forward.

Our hearts beat louder than the sound of stallions,

Galloping through the soft soil on earth,

We were worst than a thief suffering,

Or is it better to pound the mason’s teeth from starving?

We catch a glimpse of ourselves in the future,

While drenched in the past of the present,

As the dove rains blood,

Slowly we realised that the voice of “so-called villains” are unheard,

As the dove rains blood,

They whisper “Kill the children or feed them to the rich”,

Bleach the colours of unity and preach to the birds with a speech,

So they would fly along the horizon,

Where flags soon rise while frags ruled by titans. 

Hi. Writing is my least favorite. It's for my own motivation. I'm best in melodies,check my instagram! :D
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