Confusing signs

I never thought, one day I will fall for someone this hard? and the sad thing is, I fell for the wrong person. you are arrogant, narcissistic, egoistic and all the bad personalities, but I keep reminding myself all your good traits instead. All my friends asked me to stay away from you, even my brain says ‘danger danger’. but, but i just cant take you off my mind. The more I want to stay away from you, the closer i get to you. its becoming unhealthy how addicted I am to you, talking to you, stalking you. Is it the hints that you drop along the way that melts me? Were those real? dear you, please explain what I am to you, because the way you treat me, I feel like I’m more than just a friend, but somedays, I feel like i’m just like the rest. My friends are all against us, but they noticed it too. How you treat me differently, but when it is just us.. you treat me like I am a nobody. UGH GUYS ARE CONFUSING.

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