Confess: Yes or No?

By Chunsongyi

1. To fall in love with someone, we actually don’t have the power to control it. Just do your best to keep moving on because it’s not the time yet since our priority is studies and of course, parents. Even Aishah (fake name) told me dari dulu, “Siti (fake name), love tu datang dari Allah. Siapa kita nak cakap taknak. It’s never wrong in the first place sebab fitrah”. aww i miss her again and again :(( . Then, someone literally told me its either a gift or a curse depending on how u carry it (ayat mantopz hshshhs curi google ke tu🤔)

2. Someone said, “don’t confess unless you get the same energy”. Personally, I think it is partially true. Especially for girls, we are usually shy and mana nak nak confess en. But if the burden of having a crush on someone is getting heavier, cuba ikhtiar banyak banyak and doa before nak bagitahu. The aim is only to let go of everything and destroy those unrealistic expectations. AGAIN it depends on how are you going to deliver it. Lain orang lain cara.

3. The power of saying “thank you” & “appreciate” seriously can make you feel appreciated as a human being. And don’t ever make you feel like a stupid one. Never take someone else’s feelings as a joke. Either we like that particular person or not, talk nicely. Insyaallah they will understand. They aint children anymore. They should be able to accept and reda with it.

4. Be honest with what you are going to say. Again the aim is the same, we just want to let go of everything and continue with our normal routine. Not more and not less.

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