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Life will be surely dull when there is no existence of colours. Can you imagine when there is no colours? It is terribly drab when there is no colourful colours. Is it enough for us just to see the dusk and not waiting for the dawn? Do we ever wonder how the colours of the bottles? What is the colours of our crush shirts? Also, what are the colours of the walls?

We just acknowledge what colours means in our life when there is no sun to sparkle like a precious stone and all around us dark intense. Stop thinking on what shape of real moon and figure out what are the real colours of the moon. Imagine living on the Neptune with a constant of blue colour without other interesting colours. Boring, right?

At the end of the day, people can kill themselves because there is no colour in their lifetime just because they live in such a dark days. Donā€™t you wish to see those infamous P.Ramlee movies to be played in colours? To see the vibrant kebayas of the old days? It must be amusing to see all these stuff linger around us.

Colours bring peace in our minds. We cannot stand up if there is no colours. See the attractiveness of painters paint the beautiful panting. Full of colours and bring up cheerfulness. See the greenery of trees growing up in nature. The colourful birds chirping on the tree branches and dolphins jumping out the sea. It is all about colours.

Last but not least, there are many interesting colours to figure out. It will be such a waste in your life if you do not figure all these vibrant colours that can make us forget about the world for a second. Just imagine if colours do not exist, how murderer wants to know the colour of blood?


p/s : entry for kamizine project. Wish me luck!


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