you don’t see me,
even the slightest way i look at you,
it’s sad.
i’m just another friend – to you.

i’m your biggest fan,
your cheerleader,
always there for you,
cheering and clapping,
all ready if you need accompany,
to whine and talk to.

it’s sad.
i like you a lot,
but you don’t like me enough.
and it’s killing me.
to not care, to not love.
when it’s you.

i must be crazy for liking you this much.
but then, again
you owe me nothing for this helpless love of mine,
owe you nothing, for liking you a lot more than i should.
why do you keep my faint heart at hostage?
as if i’m hugely in debt,
when i’m not the one you care to glance at?

maybe, i’m just a cheerleader,
that you don’t bother to thank,
i’m just the cheerleader by the side,
never the one you hug when you hit strike.


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