For You

I wish thing get better when i said i gave u time. But it turns out nothing happen. It’s really breaks my heart when u backing up that little bitchy girl. U only knowing her for 4 months but u back her up. Im sorry that im being too protective and insecure. Im sorrry for […]

old coffee shop.

“why are you here and why are you staring at me?” “uh because-“ “please not the tfios shit. This old coffee shop doesn’t have any great aura so I couldn’t help myself but wondering why are you here almost everyday, drink crappy coffee and read your old 1970’s novel and of course you keep glancing […]

Feel Free.

Feel free to check this whenever you feel like you need a bit of a comfort and I hope you will be okay. I hope one day you are at a peace with yourself. I hope you can take a shower without crying and you can close your eyes without thinking. Just keep holding on […]

Let me plan a plan

This is my life plan : 1. Study 2. Work as a company slave 3. Earn enough capital to open my own business 4. And repay my parents with my hard-earned money. Now this is what my friends’ life plan: 1. Study 2. Work before 23 Need to get married between 25-29. What surprised me […]


Day 1; Hi, so i’m going to start this daily. Being new with this. Its the only place i ramble to all my mumbles. Gonna start my daily rant just to satisfy my feelings. I’ve been longing to do this. Just had my courage now. Writing (well tuping) here now, i just want expose myself […]

I miss you; not that easy

I never thought missing someone can cause you so much hurts. It’s not feeling rejected¾or¾abandoned kind of hurts. It’s something comes deep inside from soul, somewhere you can’t even help to avoid; Some kind of voice but nobody can hear it¾it’s like a word but you can’t say¾it’s like a wound but you can’t cure¾it’s […]

Friday ; the last day

The day of last paper done Querulous finally been shrunk one by one All the palpitations were gone Been experienced by everyone alone We cherished the last moment By relishing some self reward as a present Looking decent in our raiment Our faces showing the excitement Taking a grab car to be sent Bright sunshine […]


Sambil aku termenung, Angin menerpa menyentuh segenap wajahku,Diikuti dengan bayangan senyuman mu yang manis. Girang, Senyuman mu mempunyai seribu satu rahsia dan teka-teki.Sukar untuk ku menyelami dan memahami senyuman itu suatu ketika dulu..dan masih. Cinta, Senyuman yang penuh dengan harapan dan cinta yang tidak pasti,Aku dikepung dengan rasa cinta dan harapan yang diberi. Pecah, Cinta […]

That girl is so lucky

“I think I’m in love with her.” His arms wrapped around her tightly, and he buried his head in the crook of her neck. She couldn’t hold him back even if she tempted to. He had no idea how much his happiness had hurt her. Preventing herself from cry, she closed her eyes. Not being able to leave his […]

how to be an extrovert 101

Tip 1: Make sure to smile and maintain eye contact. Imagine a small lanky girl, fidgeting behind her mother with her pudgy fists clenching her mother’s shirt. It was the first day of school for her and she was terrified out of her mind. She was scared of introducing herself to her peers and dreaded when the teacher […]

500 Days Of Summer // Elusive

It’s not you it’s me, I push people away from me, I don’t want you to see how a mess I am, It’s not you, Sorry I don’t want you, You’re a good guy, It’s not you it’s me. I’m sorry you were never my first choice in the beginning, It’s just you were there […]

Those eyes

Those eyes Everytime i looked at them I found my heart getting this mini heart attack Even after you left Those eyes Sparked a very soft and powerful gaze It would always make my stomach cringed to look at them Even after you left Those eyes Brought a whole new world That i would love […]

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